Welcome to Lester's Machine Company.
Producers of high quality Precision tooling since 1976

Established in 1976 with just an old truck, portable welder and a few machines, Lester's Machine Company has steadily grown to become a respected tool and die supplier by numerous large manufacturers nation wide. Still family owned and operated, LMC is staffed by twenty six individuals, including journeyman toolmakers and machinists, maintenance personnel, managers and clerical workers. Feel free to view the Facilities List page to better evaluate our capabilities.

We specialize in close tolerance, high precision tooling as well as custom assemblies and specialized production jigs, fixtures and machines.

Services Provided

  • Build and repair diecast equipment and all components.
  • Build and repair stamping, form, draw and coin dies, both progressive and single station as well as individual components.
  • Build and repair fixtures and jigs.
  • Build and repair tooling to fit any application required in an industrial environment.
  • Build and repair test & inspection fixtures and equipment.